Writing & Media Clips

Clips around the web by yours truly!

Levo League

My writing for Levo is a mix of pieces on career, life skills, and recipes. Articles cover everything from dealing with your peers professionally to using communication skills effectively.

All pieces to date, beginning with most recent:

Her Campus Media

From February to September 2013, I wrote pieces for Her Campus relating to career, life, and fashion. One of my favorites was a piece on five non-traditional alternatives to a job after graduation. It was very interesting to write and a portion of it was later syndicated on USA Today College.

All pieces to date, beginning with most recent:

Indianapolis Museum of Art 

I wrote this blog post to promote the museum initiative to have interactive backpacks for children to check out and use when they visit the IMA. The blog post also links to the project itself, which I helped write the description for.

College Fashion

From July to December 2011, I was a staff writer for College Fashion, an online fashion and beauty magazine written by and for college students. My feature “History of the Trend” explored the cyclical nature of fashion and traced current popular trends back to their roots. An academic and stylish approach to fashion, many series on the site now use history as their cornerstone.

All pieces to date, beginning with most recent:

I’d love to write for you! I have an approachable voice and wonderful rapport with readers, and am ready to tackle any writing assignment you can dream up! If you’d like to discuss the possibility of me contributing to your website, writing a guest post for your blog, or creating copy for a marketing or fundraising campaign, check out my Hire Me! page and let’s work together to create something your readers/fans/clients/supporters will love.


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