Skirt PR

In September 2013 I was thrilled to join the Skirt PR team as a social media intern for their fall internship program. Skirt specializes in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Throughout my internship I was fortunate to learn more about the unique social media strategies that are created for each client.

I worked with the social media arm of the company and assisted with strategic tweets for clients, scoured Pinterest for the perfect images to present Skirt and its clients well, crafted Facebook posts and tweets for various purposes, and engaged in research projects to stay on top of current social media trends and to keep the process innovative, efficient, and fun. Ā I loved working to make sure that each client had a great experience with Skirt and its work.

I finished the internship in December 2013 with a new appreciation and understanding of public relations. What I enjoyed most was seeing how we can use social media to truly connect with individuals and transfer that connection to real life. Everything we worked to accomplish online was mirrored in person with happy clients, successful events, and new opportunities. I am proud to have been a helping hand at Skirt.


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