Rockit Ranch Productions

Rockit_Ranch_LogoIn January 2014 I took on the role of social media intern at Rockit Ranch Productions in Chicago. Rockit Ranch is a restaurant and nightclub development and management company that boasts some of Chicago’s most popular venues, including Rockit Bar & Grill, Rockit Burger Bar, Sunda New Asian, Ay Chiwowa, The Underground, Bottlefork, and the newly opened Duck Inn.

In April 2014 I was promoted to Social Media Assistant and worked in that role until I left to pursue my new position with Windy City Playhouse in October 2014.

My assistant role at Rockit Ranch involved several of my previous responsibilities as an intern plus some new tasks and challenges. My job involved composing numerous Tweets for each of the venues promoting menu items, special events, private event spaces, and promotions. For each venue, I worked to stay true to the voice and personality of each individual location to maintain authenticity. I also did extensive research on how other restaurants, bars, and relevant competitors used social media so we could continue to improve and stay on top of trends to maintain our standards for strong fan connection. In addition, I used WordPress daily to keep our websites updated and relevant.

Rockit Ranch was a fun yet professional environment with great people and I truly loved my time there.


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