Rachel K. Wendte

Hello there! My name is Rachel Wendte and I’m a 2013 graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m now living in Chicago and have had a whirlwind first year in the real world!

My degree program in Arts Administration gave me the unparalleled opportunity to continue with my lifelong love of singing while also giving me an informed background on the marketing, promotion, and supporting of the arts. This unique mix puts me in a strategic position to work with the arts-minded and the business-minded, which makes me one versatile employee.

That versatility is evident in my job history from the last twelve months. From a retail job on one of the most expensive streets in the United States to a high-end art show, I have learned to adapt quickly, to manage others, to inspire, and to give my all, all the time. From an internship at a boutique PR firm to a job at a growing restaurant and entertainment company, I have honed my communications skills immeasurably, observed office culture at its best, and had a hand in office operations and efficiency.

My multidisciplinary degree, my unique mix of coursework, and my work experience both in school and out of school can be used in a variety of ways. I would love to work for a website, magazine, arts nonprofit, special events firm, lifestyle brand, social media company, public relations firm, or advertising firm. If your company or organization connects people with something amazing, helps amazing people do what they do better, or creates something amazing, we should talk.

I have experience in web writing, social media, graphic design, marketing, special events, and an impressive array of people skills, and I’m excited to work with you!

Click through the following pages to get to know me better and learn about my collegiate projects as well as my post graduate work.  Also, don’t forget to say hello!